Our Story

About Us

Nepal Lending Hands is based in Malmo, Sweden and has an active membership base. Our founder, Dollie Sah, is from this area and knows the community. She has been a community activist and has helped many girls and women to achieve financial independence and security. Notably, through the Janakpur Women’s Development Center, Dollie has promoted the artwork of local women to sell abroad so that they could earn a living.

Additionally, she has personally helped parents from low caste families to send their daughters to school. She has been Project Director of Lady Jaycees, promoting vocational training, health education and social awareness in her hometown. Due to Dollie’s personal experiences, she is in an ideal position to understand what strategies will work in the culture and what will not.

Amita Garg is a Director of a Vocational College in Los Angeles, CA, and has a Master’s in Education from Oxford University. She brings technical expertise in the components of running a school, including curriculum development, teacher training, and management. Additionally, Amita Garg has spent two years in Nepal on a Fulbright Scholarship and is familiar with the culture. During her Fulbright stay in 2004, Amita got to know Dollie and her family. She was impressed by Dollie’s determination, activism, and commitment to social change, and has kept in touch with her ever since.

Where we stand today

Dollie and their team have been involved with community work in this area since 2015. During the devastating 2015 earthquake, they have organized food and medicine distribution, and other activities to help the community with their basic survival needs. Additionally, Dollie and her team have gone back to this area to hold literacy classes for girls from Untouchable families. Their work was well received and respected in the community.

Nepal Lending Hands has been conducting presentations, events and workshops related to this project since 2017.