Help us make a difference to the education & well-being for girls of Nepal

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Nepal News

Keep low caste girls in school

We want to build a school for low caste girls in Nepal. Girls education is critical to keeping them from child trafficking, child marriages, and child labor. This school will educate the girls up to a secondary school level and provide them with needed employment skills. When the girls graduate, they will be able to make a living and achieve a level of independence and dignity. The founders of this campaign are experienced in education and have previously been in charge of social development projects in this region.

The solution we are proposing is more effective than a night school or simply a literacy program. You can send a girl to night school or literacy classes, but as soon as her family gets her married off, unfortunately her education and opportunities will stop.

We want to advocate for the girls to complete their entire education up to an official school leaving certificate. We want to use the government curriculum and subjects; however the exercises used will be relevant to their lives.

Once they earn the certificate, they can choose their own path. Students can choose to go to a university, and counselors at the School can support them in their educational goals. Alternatively, students can choose to stay at the School and learn vocational skills to earn an income. Once the girls have independence and means of income, the cultural practices which have kept them down will be obsolete. Their parents will see the value in educating their daughters, and they will no longer feel desperate to marry off their girls young or send them into child labor and child trafficking.

Educating the girls in a school building, rather than in peoples’ homes, will enable the parents to feel secure in sending their daughters to school in a safe location and provide a long­term solution for keeping them in school until they finish their education.

How you can help

We have teachers and families with children in need, to help get the school built. We have a contact with an Engineer who is willing to provide help in the building process. But we need your funding and support so that the community may have resources to build a school. By donating to our school building project for ”Nepal Lending Hands” you will not only be improving girls education; you will be making their life better. It’s up to you now, the power is in your hands.

Your 50 dollars would help to buy 200 bricks for the school building. Your 100 dollars would help to make five desks and benches. Your 500 dollars would help to install electricity for one whole school building. Your 1000 dollars would help to install water supply for one whole school building.

If we all contribute our part, we can make the school a reality and provide hope for the girls.