Help us make a difference to the education & well-being for girls of Nepal

Our goal is to end child marriage and other human rights abuses through empowering girls and women. Through education and skills training, low caste girls will be able to earn their own income, which will unlock their human potential.

Empower girls to build a better future

Girls education is the key to ending child trafficking, child marriages, child labor, and other human rights abuses. Currently, low caste girls are kept away from education and skills training. When a person is illiterate and has no skills to earn money, they will remain at a low social status and be vulnerable to abuse such as child marriage and human trafficking. Currently, girls are suffering this life-altering fate when they are as young as 7 years old. Low caste girls deserve a safe, peaceful, and secure environment. In order to achieve this, girls need to be empowered with the ability to earn their own livelihood. This school will educate the girls up to a secondary school level and provide them with needed employment skills. When the girls graduate, they will be able to make a living and achieve a level of independence and dignity. The founders of this campaign are experienced in education and have previously been in charge of social development projects in this region.

The solution we are proposing is more effective than a night school or simply a literacy program. You can send a girl to night school or literacy classes, but as soon as her family gets her married off, unfortunately her education and opportunities will stop.

In order to empower a girl and help her to achieve social respect, she must be able to earn her own livelihood so that she can contribute to the household expenses. Currently, families in poverty see girls as a burden because they do not see any hope for a future in her. Unfortunately, because the girls come from a family of the untouchable caste, they lack access to basic needs such as food, water, clothing and shelter. They just cannot support the burden of feeding and supporting an extra child.

However, if we show the families that their daughters will be able to earn their education at no cost, and be able to financially support their family in the future, they will be more likely to send their girls to school and skills training instead of sending her off to child marriage and child trafficking.

Support us today

Your donation will make a direct impact on the lives of Untouchable girls.

Social change starts with one family and one community at a time. We have identified several families in one Untouchable community in Nepal who will send their daughters to education and skills training if they had the option. We also have local contacts who will plan and design the building, as well as staff the school with qualified teachers. We just need your funding and support to make this dream a reality. Your donation to Nepal Lending Hands will buy needed land and building materials to create a safe, secure and supportive environment for these girls.

Your donation counts. 50 dollars would help to buy 200 bricks for the school building. 100 dollars would help to make five desks and benches. 500 dollars would help to install electricity for one whole school building. 1000 dollars would help to install water supply for one whole school building.

If we all contribute our part, we can make the school a reality. This will be the girls’ beacon of hope, providing long lasting safety, security, and human dignity.

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Follow our journey
Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news on our project and the situation in Nepal.