Who we are

Dollie Sah

Dollie has 15 years experience as a social worker in Nepal and India in girls trafficking, child labor, education, water and sanitation, peace & conflict resolution, vocational training, and teacher training. She has led women’s employment projects such as the Janakpur Women’s Development Center (JWDC) and worked with various NGOs. She has a degree in science and diploma in nursing.

Amita Garg

Amita Garg is a Director of a Vocational College in Los Angeles, CA, and has a Master’s in Education from Oxford University. She brings technical expertise in the components of running a school, including curriculum development, teacher training, and management. Additionally, Amita Garg has spent two years in Nepal on a Fulbright Scholarship and is familiar with the culture. During her Fulbright stay in 2004, Amita got to know Dollie and her family.

Stefan Möller

Stefan is a physiotherapist and has been working as a healthcare professional for 15 years. He is passionate about helping people find opportunities to improve their lives. He also coaches a swim team. Stefan believes in the basic human right for all children to get an education and dream of a better future.

Coralynn Davis

Coralynn Davis is Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Anthropology at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. She holds a PhD (1999) degree in Anthropology at the University of Michigan, where she also received a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies. Coralynn has held a Research Associateship at the Five College Women’s Studies Research Center (2005-2006) and a Visiting Faculty/Research Associate position at the Harvard Divinity Scholar Women’s Studies in Religion Program (2008-2009).

Manfred Maier

Manfred Maier is since more than thirty years teacher for Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong. Since his childhood he has been interested in the connection and unity between east and west – between old traditional wisdom and new modern science.

Moa Tingstedt

Moa Tingstedt is a 19 year old girl who as well got graduated last year 2016 from the science program of the Swedish high school. Moa spent a month in Janakpur, Nepal to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of Nepal as well as engaging herself in the project “Nepal Lending Hands”, about girls from low caste.