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Teacher training and educational consultancy

Teaching methods can be very backwards, often focusing solely on repetition from text books. Nepali teaching is desperately lacking in innovation and the pupils rarely get introduced to concepts like lateral thinking. International and qualified teachers bring a new lease of life to teaching methods and the Nepali teachers, having a huge effect on the overall success of the children. Qualified teachers can also help the school establish frameworks for discipline, reward, communication with parents, management, special needs support and gifted children programs.

At the beginning of your stay you will be working closely with the Principal of the school to establish where there is most need for teacher training and support. From there you can use your own initiative to build a framework for providing teacher training and helping the school run more effectively. You will be expected to spend up to 6 hours a day at the school and conducting your work in an office.

Subject specific teaching:

Specific subject knowledge can be very limited amongst Nepali teachers. International and qualified teachers therefore bring new expertise to classrooms in Nepal, having a huge effect on the overall success of the children. The subjects taught in the Nepali curriculum are science, English, Moral science, History, Geography, Civics Mathematics, Social (humanities) Health and physical and Drawing.

You will be able to plan and conduct lessons in your preferred subject, working closely with the Principal. To fit in with the school timetable this may involve teaching a large range of ages, from 4 – 16 year olds, but if you would rather take the older or younger half of the school this can also be arranged. Teachers are always encouraged to bring new and innovative teaching methods to the classrooms and help the school determine what resources are needed and how to get hold of them.


Volunteer options are available anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year and are arranged on an individual basis.


In Janakpur you will be placed in a homestay with a local Maithil family. By living with a family you will gain a greater insight and understanding of Mithila culture. The standard of lodging will depend on their way of living. All of your food will be provided for you at your homestay and you will never be more than 30 minutes from your place of work. For more information, please email us at