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Upcoming events:

2017, 7th January

"Nepal Lending Hands"(NLH), team together with organized a workshop called 'Overtly house', where over 50 participants came and visited us on the third floor at Lotus room. Where we had exhibited some handicrafts items. People were interested in our project. Had questions and wanted to receive updates on events as well as school building project via mail. Many of them wanted to know more about NLH especially who were not able to come. So we are hoping to arrange another workshop in March.

We had a fruitful and meaningful day. We sold craft products for 1400 SEK. Which is not much but we are more than thankful that it still make differences to collect every drop that helps in filling Nepal lending hands bucket.

2016, 17th December

"Nepal Lending Hands"(NLH), team organized an event 'Girls mingle', by Birgitta Karlsson family on Saturday the 17th december. The Mingle was a great success.

We're proud to share this good news with our Nepal lending hands friend. Dollie, participated at the event and sold handcrafted items for: 4800kr. which is worth 513$. Money goes directly in school building project for our girls. Dollie enjoyed the 'Girls mingle', and met some really interesting and generous people. Couple of them assured in arranging an event for "Nepal Lending Hands".

What does participants want to say about events they attended (in Swedish and English)?

(SE) "Tack så mycket för fina gåvor att köpa från kvinnorna och intressant information om hjälp arbetet som ska generera kraft och styrka till flickor med låga kast att få ett självständigt liv."

(EN) "Thank you very much for the nice gifts to buy from women and interesting information about the project work which will generate power and strength to girls with low caste to have an independent life."

Namaste / Titti

(SE) "Otroligt inspirerande människor! Att göra skillnad här i världen! Det känns bra i själen att veta att där finns människor som faktiskt vill göra skillnad här i världen som startar från Nepal. Keep up the amazing work!"

(EN) "Incredibly inspiring people! Making a difference in this world! It feels good in the soul to know that there are people who actually want to make a difference in this world which will start from Nepal. Keep up the amazing work!"

Big hug / Nina