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Dollie has 15 years experience as a social worker in Nepal and India in girls trafficking, child labor, education, water and sanitation, peace & conflict resolution, vocational training, and teacher training. She has led women’s employment projects such as the Janakpur Women’s Development Center (JWDC) and worked with various NGOs. She has a degree in science and diploma in nursing.

Born and raised in Nepal, Dollie moved to Sweden eight years ago, where she now lives with her husband and daughter. She has been working with elderly and disabled people in Sweden for almost seven years. Dollie is dedicated to serving those in need, developing her community, and advocating for human rights.


Amita Garg is a Director of a Vocational College in Los Angeles, CA, and has a Master's in Education from Oxford University. She brings technical expertise in the components of running a school, including curriculum development, teacher training, and management. Additionally, Amita Garg has spent two years in Nepal on a Fulbright Scholarship and is familiar with the culture. During her Fulbright stay in 2004, Amita got to know Dollie and her family.

She was impressed by Dollie's determination, activism, and commitment to social change, and has kept in touch with her ever since. Amita became involved with Nepal Lending Hands because she sees it as a culturally appropriate and long-term solution. Because it is led by individuals who have grown up in the culture, Nepal Lending Hands would be more readily adopted by those it is designed to help.


Stefan is a physiotherapist and has been working as a healthcare professional for 15 years. He is passionate about helping people find opportunities to improve their lives. He also coaches a swim team. Stefan believes in the basic human right for all children to get an education and dream of a better future.


Moa Tingstedt is a 19 year old girl who as well got graduated last year 2016 from the science program of the Swedish high school. Moa spent a month in Janakpur, Nepal to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of Nepal as well as engaging herself in the project "Nepal Lending Hands", about girls from low caste. The outcome of Moa's stay was very meaningful experience. She has always been interested in girls rights and by being in Nepal she truly experienced the importance of equal rights and education for everyone. On top of that Moa had a great time with the girls she got to know, and she has too many good memories to ever forget them.

In the future Moa hope to see the Nepal lending hands project grow and develop. All team members are as dedicated as they can be and Moa is very grateful and excited to be a part of this journey.


Sofia Karlsson is a 19 year old girl and graduated last year 2016 from the science program at Katedralskolan in Lund, Sweden. Since her graduation Sofia has pursued her big passion for traveling in nature which has taken her to places from the very north of Norway to the great mountains of Himalayas. Sofia's dream is to work with sustainable and social development. But before her university studies she wants to explore the real world. Sofia believes that meeting completely different culture help us understand what our incredible world is like that helps us see what needs to be done.

When Sofia got the opportunity to be able to travel to Nepal in helping out with the "Nepal Lending Hands" organization, it was a obvious choice for her to take. Janakpur, in the south of Nepal, is a city which is not at all exposed to tourism as the rest of Nepal. Without the money and resources the tourism brings, its a place where help is needed the most. To be able to work with low caste girls was also something that meant a lot to Sofia. She strongly believe that the solution of most of the problems in the world starts with education and that it is the best way to empower people. Since low caste girls are exposed and marginalized in so many ways their right to proper education is crucial for a better life and future.

Sofia's outcome of the stay in Nepal is indescribable. The culture exchange of staying in a place, that in many ways was the opposite of her own culture. It was such an enriching and developing experience. To be able to really get to know the girls gave Sofia a whole new perspective on the complexity of their situation. Sofia's aim as a Nepal Lending Hands team member is first of all to make sure that the school becomes reality. She is convinced that this will give the girls a better life and that the school will become a tool to develop their society from the inside.


Coralynn Davis is Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Anthropology at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. She holds a PhD (1999) degree in Anthropology at the University of Michigan, where she also received a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies. Coralynn has held a Research Associateship at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center (2005-2006) and a Visiting Faculty/Research Associate position at the Harvard Divinity Scholar Women’s Studies in Religion Program (2008-2009). Her ongoing ethnographic research with Maithili-speaking communities in Nepal has been supported by two Fulbright Grants. Coralynn's initial work in Nepal focused on issues of women's development and tourism, while her more recent scholarship looks at women's folktales and storytelling practices.

Coralynn first fell in love with Nepal as an undergraduate student, when she spend a semester during her junior year in Nepal, learning the language and culture, as well as going on several mountain treks. It was during her second research trip to Nepal in 2005-2006 that Coralynn met Dollie, who became her research assistant for that period. Coralynn stayed with Dollie's family for several months during which they began a friendship whose depth has only increased across the past decade. Coralynn knows that for many years Dollie has dreamed of starting a school for underprivileged children (especially low-caste girls) in Janakpur, and she is delighted to see this dream begin to come to fruition!

Coralynn has been supporting Nepal Helping Hands since near the beginning of its inception, because she understood both the depth of need in the community and the depth of motivation and capacity on the part of Dollie and her other collaborators. Coralynn's hope in supporting this project is that underprivileged children in Janakpur will receive the kind of education that empowers them to be significant actors in their own lives and their country's future.


Manfred Maier is since more than thirty years teacher for Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong. Since his childhood he has been interested in the connection and unity between east and west - between old traditional wisdom and new modern science.

Manfred is the founder and director of the Triveni Healthcenter and Yoga School close to Munich, Germany since 2008. He travelled, lived and studied around different Asian countries in Ashrams, Monasteries, Schools and with some important spirituell teachers. As a part of his journey, he already had some sponsorships with children and he supported some adults, on their way.

On one of his travels (2001) through Nepal, one of the important holy Hindu places, he met Dollie in Janakpur. Dollie was around eighteen years old and they felt a deep connection right from the beginning. She guided him around the tempels and showed him her work at Janakpur womens development center and introduced him to her family. Some years later Dollie visited Manfred in Germany, for the first time after Nepal meeting, in Munich. Since then, they feel even more related to each other.

2017 Dollie and other NLH members had a presentation together with Manfred about Nepal Lending hands project at Triveni center. Manfred is glad to engage himself in supporting the ideas and the project of Nepal Lending Hands.